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Rita Sawhney Matrimonial is one of the best-known brands in New Delhi & All over the world's Most Loyal Matrimonial Service. Ever since our establishment in the year 1995 , there is no looking back! We provide matrimonial and personalized services all over Delhi NCR. Since the last 25 + Years in this industry , Rita Sawhney matrimonial has proudly United 5000+ Couples !

The Journey since then has been trustworthy as we have established One on One & long-lasting relationships with our Clients & their families .
Rita Sawhney Matrimonial is an efficient & and effective organization of a highly committed, loyal, and professional team of people promising to make your lives Happy! A Loving, Happy & a long-lasting marriage is our Motto .
Our Vast, Diversified & Highly Protected Database promises you plentiful prospective matches from within your community itself. We respect your privacy & without your consent, none of your information will be shared !

  • The First Female entrepreneur to Start her own Matrimonial Business .
  • Mrs Rita Sawhney has 25+ years of experience in the Matrimonial Industry. She is consistent , dedicated and loyal to her JOB.
  • Her gift of understanding people & their needs , her strength of managing relationships , along with years of professionalism in this field has managed to succeed in a positive manner.
  • Mrs Rita Sawhney gives her personal touch , by talking to each Family on One On One basis , understanding exactly what they want and getting them hitched .

Mrs Rita Sawhney
(Company Director)

  • Komal Chawla is Daughter of Mrs Rita Sawhney
  • She has been working with Rita Sawhney since 21 years .
  • “Let’s Talk “ Just two words but can bring all the difference in a relationship. Every relationship has ups and downs and conversations can bring that comfort in each other’s life Marriages are made in heaven but are build in this world. we just need that one hand to build it successfully. Our consultant Komal Chawla has been into this practice for more than 10 years. She has the ears to hear you out and a content heart to understand the problems. Don’t Hesitate to reach out because every problem has a solution and we have expertise and experience in that too.

Mrs. Komal Chawla
( Co Director )

  • Isha Sawhney is daughter in law of Mrs Rita Sawhney
  • Isha has been working with Rita Sawhney since 13 years
  • A very well cultured , disciplined with a warm and gentle heart ,Isha Sawhney possess the quality of a perfect co- ordinator ..With 13 years of experience and expertise In human relations ,she very well understand the priorities and deal with it with ease . Her calm and composed attitude reflects on her hard work and makes matches suitable for everyone .

Mrs. Isha Sawhney
(Co- Director )

Why Us....

Number 1 Matrimonial Service in India & all Over World and the most Trustworthy
-The most Trustworthy Matrimonial in Delhi
- Easy Registration Process
- NO Fraudulent Profiles
- NO Consultation Fee
- 100% Authentic Profiles based on Personal Visits
- Client Confidentiality
- Trusted Service since 25+ years
- Highly Affordable Service
- Expert Marital Advice
- Open & Free Platform To Share Any Concerns